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A new brand beauty company in retail selling , our purpose at Kykimpressions is to create and revive beauty in everybody through our products . Due to our innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, Kykimpressions encourages it clients by offering them good quality products and satisfaction .

We started in 2019, since April, Kykimpressions has been making huge sales all over the US and Abroad. Our mission is always to render satisfaction to our customers. By so doing, we have decided to provide our services in beauty supply where our customer can easily get accessibility. Our vision is that, we believe that every one has a definition of its own beauty and we encourages bold beauty . 

Our vision is to keep good trustworthy relationship with our customers and always be able to provide them with their wants .

Owned by an ambitious woman living in the US, Kykimpressions was founded in USA by  Kamtcheu Cherylle and was inspired by her perception . She always had the zeal to create something unique because of her disappointments when ever she wanted to offer herself some beauty products at an affordable price, defined by its unique, open-sell environment Today, Kykimpressions is willing and is able to ship it products globally.

Kykimpressions  store- Kykimpressions sells it lashes in several beauty supply stores in Maryland 

Kykimpressions.com - Registered business in the USA 


Kykimpressions Mobile – 

Obsessed with trend on social media , Kykimpressions has several social media where she interacts with her clients and inform them about any new ideas; 

Instagram: Kykimpressions, Snapchat: ckyrielle, 

Facebook: Kykimpressions, 

TikTok: Kykimpressions

For more informations please visit www.kykimpression.com

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